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  Thank you for visiting our site. In these pages you will find some-not all- that we here can do for you and your car. We understand your desire for quality work with attention to detail that separates the usual from the exceptional. And we understand that we all have differing skills, some wanting to take care of much of their own work and some preferring to have a competent shop accommodate their needs. We have proven success when it comes to performance.When it comes to machine work though few have the tools and equipment to accomplish what's needed. And the other important tool - experience. Here at Exotech we have been producing quality work for over 30 years - we have that experience. Whether you just need some valves ground or a complete engine, transaxle,etc we can take care of your needs.

 Please feel free to E-mail or call us for a quote on your needs.  A look around the site will show you some of what we can do for you and your car.