About us
The valve job illustrated
Customer cars
Mark's personal "RV" A Van Dieman Formula Continental.
Sadly retired.
Milling the pocket for socket clearance on a head we are twin-plugging
Boring an intake port for increased flow.  The remaining port will then be blended into the enlarged throat and polished.

A 964 type head with modified ports, Cu Be seats for custom Ti valves.

3.8 boattailed case with knifedged crank, custom Pauter rods and JE piston.

Set of custom Wossner pistons for a long rod short stroke crank.
And the short stroke 2.00 rod bearing crank and Pauter rods they attach to.
Cylinders and support plates idea courtesy of Dawe and fulfilled by Exotech.
Parts ready for assembly.
Setting deck height for an engine with cylinder support plates.
Machining the groove for the Copper
head seal ring on a set of CMWs.
5.5 inch three disc Tilton clutch. .5 seconds a lap due to lower mass.
The annular release slave for the 3 disc
The finished product !
New rear motor mount for a "slide out" drivetrain assembly.
Putting high horsepower engines in older chassis can be problematic when the engine attempts to leave the car!
New 935 style mounts for when the suspension attempts to leave the car!
A G-50 that's had steel synchros installed and a heavy duty fulcrum pin.
Smart decision when track use is the application. Billet shift forks and side covers are also recomended when performance modifications have been made.
A 356 engine being installed. We enjoy cars other than race cars too !