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Exotech was first opened in 1983 as a general repair facility for high end European cars. We serviced everything from BMW to Lamborghini--and of course Porsche as well. Over time we have concentrated our efforts increasingly on Porsche and Road racing feeling that excellence is a difficult enough goal and it is best to focus on fewer makes in order to reach that goal.

In the 30 plus years we have been in existence we have evolved from a general repair shop into that and a fully equipped machine shop. Though most shops make use of outside vendors for much of their machine work we have found it more expedient to keep such work inhouse. Not only is it difficult to find shops that can produce the high standard of work you the customer deserve it is also difficult to schedule time with them. By taking care of things here we are able to better accommodate the particular needs that come with each different job we undertake. Projects can often take a change of course midstream and trying to juggle subcontractor timeframes can become a very awkward situation.

Exotech is located in Plaistow, NH near the Ma border in a perhaps small but cozy barn. We have no aspirations of grandeur but strive for quality instead. This "cozy" barn is home for a number of SCCA championship winning cars!

Exotech is proud to state that it is one of a very few shops, at least on the East coast, that is equipped to do most all of it's own machine work. We feel this is far and away the best way to ensure quality control and also allows more flexibiltiy regarding customer requests. When a shop has to "farm out" work they are at the mercy of the person actualy doing the machine work regarding tolerances, clearances,etc.. By keeping these things in house we have much better control and therefore the end result is a solid, close tolerance engine or transmission-the first requisite for a good performing and long-lasting component.